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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment In Seawoods, Navi Mumbai

Root Canal Treatment is a medical term used for a procedure in which the ‘Nerve’ in the roots of tooth is removed completely because there is infection or swelling in it.

You must be wondering how the nerves present within the solid tooth get infected? The nerves get infected when there is decay in tooth which if not taken care in the primary stage progresses further leaving the nerves exposed which is then infected by bacteria.


The infection to nerves causes pain, sensitivity to hot and cold food, swelling and in some cases there is foul discharge. The only option in such situation is to remove the nerves and restore the tooth structure with cements and dental cap.

If you properly brush twice a day then there won’t be any carries and you would never have to go for root canal treatment unless there is an accidental injury.

Root Canal Treatment at Ivory dental clinic in Seawoods, Nerul is done by root canal specialist with all modern equipments.

If you stay in Navi Mumbai and suffering from severe pain due to carious tooth, then you may require RCT, however it can be decided only when you visit nearby dentist in Navi Mumbai.

Root Canal Treatment In Nerul
Root Canal Treatment In Seawoods