Patients Stories

A smile can change lives

A beautiful smile can change lives. This patient of ours was suffering from attrition in his teeth, which affected his facial appearance. After the treatment was completed we could see a complete makeover In his personality. His smile had changed significantly and he started looking much younger and even his attitude towards life changed. It was a complete makeover for him. We gifted Mr. B K Khurana his own portrait photograph after smile makeover treatment.

Making children comfortable during treatments

Miss Sai came to us with multiple decayed teeth in her mouth due to which she was embarrassed to smile. She was also very reluctant to undergo treatment, as is with a lot of children due to fear of doctor. Once we put on her favorite cartoons on the t.v. she immediately felt at home and very gladly went through all her sessions.

Chocolate and Dentistry

A very memorable moment when one of our patient gifted us a huge chocolate bar after completion of her treatment. Ironically dentist’s also love chocolates. But we do remember to brush afterwards. Mrs. Leena Desai, visited us from Texas, USA for her dental treatment.

Express Smile Makeover

After completing smile makeover treatment for one of our eldest patients Mrs. Pravina Shah. Truly said, When it comes to smile, age is just a number. Due to her health condition, we had to complete her treatment in as less visits as possible. But we took it as a challenge and at the end her smile says, it was all worth it.