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Our patient Sourabh Singh, came to our clinic with complains of front tooth discolouration.

On examination we found decay and mismatched shade of the front teeth!

Being a well kept and good looking man, he was conscious of his front teeth🦷

We decided to change that by giving him the perfect COSMETIC FILLINGS for the perfect smile 😃


Watch this video to know more 😉

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Smile Makeover of Price Khandelwal😍😍

Doctor, my front tooth broke!😰

His name is Prince. A 7 year old child came with his broken front tooth along with his mother.

He fell and broke his front tooth, very embarrassed as he was teased by his classmates in his school about the chipped tooth…

We fixed the broken tooth with a natural life like filling material.

And YES after sometime he is smiling again with his front tooth in proper position!! 🦷😁

Perfect Smile With Braces

Isn’t it crazy the difference that a bright, aligned and perfect smile can make? 😲 Mr. Sanket here disliked the mismatched shape, size, and crookedness of his smile – all such common concerns when it comes to patients smiles 👍. He opted to go for orthodontic treatment with braces to perfect his smile into a uniform, harmonious and flattering feature that shines brightly on his face! 😍

Are you wanting a beautiful set of teeth like Sanket ? 😊

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Nirvedh currently living in the USA, came in for a quick treatment to our clinic in 2014 and ever since then there was no turning back!

We made sure he doesn’t have to visit the dentist overseas 😉

Having front two chipped off teeth caused Nirvedh to change his smile for the better! Ceramic crowns were planned for him to keep in mind his personality and aesthetic factor.

No matter what your smile goals are Ivory dental is here to cater for them 🦷🙏. Whether that be a large Smile Makeover, or a small one – your smile is uniquely yours and it’s our jobs as Dentists to ensure that you walk out of our doors satisfied and pleased with your results 💕. Because that is why we do what we do everyday, to see our beautiful patients smile! 😃

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Wisdom tooth removal Story! Must Watch

Brace yourselves for Adrij’s Wisdom tooth removal story!

As you can see in his pre operative X RAY, his lower wisdom teeth were quite literally ‘sleeping’ 😂

All 4 bad boys ( upper and lower wisdom teeth) came out with ease.
Adrij’s appointment was quick, comfortable and PAIN FREE!

No swelling, pain, difficulty in mouth opening was experienced post operatively.

Getting the wisdom out, never hurt nobody 😉

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A Smile that makes you Smile😍

Your smile is the first thing people see when they look at you, as it shares emotion, tells a story and is the universal language to all 🙌.

All Kamini ji wanted was to live more authentically, and be her true self, as there was more hiding behind her missing teeth and smile that she was so afraid to show 😭. We are so grateful for our patients.

Kamini ji Loved that the treatment was quick, this is so much in alignment with what we believe at our practise. Our patient’s time is precious to us.

Doesn’t her smile light your day up? 🤩🤩🤩

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Meet Mrs. Sita Devi👋
After years of living with a smile she disliked, we wanted to change that for good! 🥰
From having very worn, gapped and missing teeth to this … A bright, beautiful and perfectly fitting smile to match Sita Devi’s happy personality😻
She was unable to eat and complained about the front gaps of her missing teeth, we couldn’t have let her go back with her problems! She was fed up of her teeth as they were affecting her everyday lifestyle.

We sat down to formulate the best possible treatment plan for Mrs.Sita Devi, so we decided to extract all her weak and worn out teeth. We then went for a full mouth procedure with fixed dental implant placement( ALL ON 4), then following it up with an all ceramic bridge to give her a natural looking smile 😀😀😀
We gave her a HYBRID PROSTHESIS which is a completely fixed dental prosthesis, supported by implants as a solution for esthetics, function, lip support, and speech!✅✅✅
The treatment was comfortably done✅
The Ivory dental team is fully equipped with the best technology whilst maintaining the best hygiene standards👍🏻
Treatment was short and quick and our lovely patient left our clinic with beautiful set of teeth🤩🤩🤩

After years of complaining about her smile, she finally had one that she wanted and deserved🥰. This indeed changed her life. She glowed in her new smile. She shared how she felt and her words of kindness lit up our entire practise!🙏🏽
Sita Devi can now enjoy her meals with fully functioning teeth without any hassles! ☺️☺️☺️
Now that she can eat the foods of her choice
we decided to gift her a yummy chocolate cake as a token of appreciation for being such a lovely patient of ours and for trusting us🥰🥰🥰

We are so happy that we can give our patients the AMAZING smile they deserve. 🥳🥳
It is so heartwarming that the Ivory dental team can give their patients reasons to express their raw emotions 💛
Congratulations to Mrs. Sita Devi on her new smile, thank you for trusting us🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

How beautiful is her Smile Makeover? 🤩🙏
Consult us for a life changing smile transformation!

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Removable Implant Supported Complete Denture

Here’s a quick check on our lovely patient, we gave him a removable implant supported complete denture. 💪🏻

The confidence and courage shining through these photos is absolutely incredible – all with the help of our patients bright and beautiful smiles of course! 😉

We find it so heartwarming and emotional when we can see our patients loving the smiles that we have created for them! 💓

Something so small can go a long way when it comes to your confidence and functionality👍.

Do you want a new denture? Or are you sick or your old denture?

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Dental Implants for our ever-smiling 73-year-old Patient

Mrs Chitra tells us how comfortably and quickly her dental implant procedure was done.

As she rightly said, we make the comfort of the patient our first priority and try to avoid long appointments. She talks about her dental anxiety and how it got better with proper procedural planning and skilful execution of treatment plan. 👍🏻

She’s healthy, hearty and eversmiling at the age of 73 and we carried out all necessary investigations before the implant surgery to make sure she’s fit for the procedure. 😊

It was done in just 30 mins! We have scheduled regular follow up appointments to keep a track of her treatment progress.

Who thought dental implants could be so easy? 🤩🤩

Beautiful Smile Transformation

Our lovely patient Mr. Dattatray Thorat was generally unhappy with the overall look of his front teeth. He had an array of problems with his previous smile. So we fixed it! We completed a combination of root canal treatments and followed it up with an aesthetic ceramic bridge to achieve his dream smile.

Aren’t the results just great?😊

This gave us great satisfaction 😌😌

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Now that’s what you call BRACES DONE RIGHT! 😍


Our lovely patient Abhishek tells us about his memorable experience at Ivory dental. He was complaining of gaps in between his teeth and so Ivory Dental came to his rescue! Check out his phenomenal smile transformation journey🤩 We are passionate about creating long-lasting and beautiful smiles.

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A smile can change lives

A beautiful smile can change lives. This patient of ours was suffering from attrition in his teeth, which affected his facial appearance. After the treatment was completed we could see a complete makeover In his personality. His smile had changed significantly and he started looking much younger and even his attitude towards life changed. It was a complete makeover for him. We gifted Mr. B K Khurana his own portrait photograph after smile makeover treatment.

Making children comfortable during treatments

Miss Sai came to us with multiple decayed teeth in her mouth due to which she was embarrassed to smile. She was also very reluctant to undergo treatment, as is with a lot of children due to fear of doctor. Once we put on her favorite cartoons on the t.v. she immediately felt at home and very gladly went through all her sessions.

Chocolate and Dentistry

A very memorable moment when one of our patient gifted us a huge chocolate bar after completion of her treatment. Ironically dentist’s also love chocolates. But we do remember to brush afterwards. Mrs. Leena Desai, visited us from Texas, USA for her dental treatment.

Express Smile Makeover

After completing smile makeover treatment for one of our eldest patients Mrs. Pravina Shah. Truly said, When it comes to smile, age is just a number. Due to her health condition, we had to complete her treatment in as less visits as possible. But we took it as a challenge and at the end her smile says, it was all worth it.