Keeping the Ivory Dental Clinic safe

A safer dental visit begins before you come in

Safety Precautions

Check –in from Home

To help to have a contactless check-in and a safer visit, we ask you to register online before you visit, we will get information on your health and the health if those around you. This will help keep everyone healthy.

To check-in: Click Here

We put safety first when you arrive

From an on-site temperature check to staggered visit times, we prioritize your health at every step.

Temperature check

We will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. Not feeling well? We’ll ask you to reschedule.

Masks provided

We require masks in the clinic. If you forgot to bring your own, we’ll provide you with one.

Social distancing maintained

We require everyone to maintain six feet of separation as they move through the clinic.

Staggered visit times

For safety, we ensure minimal overlap in the hallways, so the clinic will feel calm and quiet.

Minimum Wait

As we require everyone to take prior appointment, you will be seen as soon as you arrive reducing the waiting time to a minimum.

Enhanced PPE

Our clinical team wears gloves, masks, and for enhanced protection, face shields.

A clinical experience that’s safer for everyone

You will be cared for in a sanitized space, with sterilized equipment, by a clinical team in enhanced PPE.

Sterilized equipment

All of our clinical equipment is either single-use or thoroughly sterilized.

UV Light Sterilization

We use UV light to keep the area is virus free.

HEPA Filter

To keep air in check we have installed HEPA filters.

Follow-up health check

Two weeks after you come in, we’ll reach out to see if you’ve shown any symptoms of illness.

Protecting our team

We monitor the health of our team , while they keep utmost personal hygiene

Real-time safety updates

We are closely monitoring the guidelines set by the IDA. As they update their guidelines, we will update our safety practices in real time.

Virtual visits

Not sure if you need to be seen? We’re offering free virtual visits with our Dr. Vishwas Madan. He’ll talk to you about your concern and provide a recommendation on how to proceed

To book, give us a call at +91 9029068111