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One of the major concerns of the women, who just had their menopause or are in the age group between 40 to 50 years, is that they face a lot of hormonal changes. We get many such patients who have issues because of these hormonal changes which may affect their teeth. They may either complain of black/brown discoloration of teeth or sudden spacing between teeth which wasn’t present before.

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Sometimes patients come up with enamel defects which are present since childhood. It is a general observation that most of these patients are from cities which have high fluoride content in the water supply. As the patients have been consuming the water since childhood, they frequently have yellow spots on their teeth.

In all these cases, a treatment known as Ceramic Laminates can be done. We can think of this as a lamination of teeth similar to laminating a new phone. The defective enamel is removed and remaining portion is laminated with the help of ceramics. Likewise, the shape, color and quality of enamel can be altered so that the tooth may last for another 20 – 30 years.

The material used for Ceramic laminates is quite long lasting and hence, you may have to get it done only once in a lifetime. It gives a very aesthetic look to the teeth and enhances the patient’ smile multiple folds. It is also an excellent treatment for teeth whitening in permanent teeth.

As a general observation, women are quite conscious about how they look. They tend to put in a lot of effort to make their face look flawless with the help of skincare products and make up. But usually, they ignore their teeth amidst everything else. If you actually look at it, your teeth are the real beauty spot of your face as they can make or break your look by affecting your most beautiful asset, your SMILE! Ceramic laminates is an excellent treatment which can help achieve the smile which will perfectly complement your beautiful face to give them an overall makeover. We have had NRI patients and have done their treatment within 3 days. So within 3 days, you can expect us to enhance your smiles and in turn enhance your overall personalities.

From being under confident to show their teeth in public to being a confident person with a beautiful wide smile! This is what one of our patients Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur had told us about her experience after getting her Ceramic laminates treatment done. She told us that earlier she used to be embarrassed to look at herself, but now she just couldn’t take her eyes off from her own smile. This is the kind of confidence upliftment that we could create for Kirandeep ma’am with our Ceramic laminates treatment. We will be looking forward to being able to do that for you as well!