Case Studies

Root Canal Treatment

Ideally, we all have a 3rd molar in each of our four dental arches which are commonly known as the wisdom teeth. Unlike their name, they do not impart any wisdom in our minds. In fact, they serve no purpose in any of the functions that our teeth perform such as chewing, speaking etc. In many people, they erupt only partially or erupt in a different direction than normal resulting in various associated complications. It is very common to have patients come up with wisdom tooth pain or discomfort.

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The ideal treatment for all these third molar problems is surgical extraction, as it is anyway quite difficult to maintain those teeth and there is no point saving them. However, patients can be very apprehensive of getting a surgical extraction done because of all the misconceptions associated with it and usually end up settling for pain killers only. One such patient visited our clinic a while back whose wisdom tooth as well as the tooth in front of it was paining. The patient was extremely scared of dental treatment and was afraid to visit the dentist for a long time as she thought that she will have immense pain if she has to get her wisdom tooth removed. This led to negligence for a long time and she started having complaint of food getting stuck between the wisdom tooth and the tooth ahead of it. On examination, it was observed that the wisdom tooth was tilted and not upright. The X-ray evidently showed that the wisdom tooth was horizontally placed and it was pushing the tooth in front of it. It also showed a deep cavity in both the teeth which were paining. After a proper counselling at our clinic, she was assured that the dental procedure will not be as painful as she has imagined. She was also informed that the negligence has resulted in a cavity in the wisdom tooth and its spread to the adjacent tooth as well which is why the food was getting stuck there. Once the patient was fully convinced, the wisdom tooth was surgically removed with absolutely no pain or discomfort. The tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth was treated by root canal treatment followed by placement of full ceramic cap. The patient was very satisfied with the entire treatment and she could eat and chew with no discomfort after that.


Ceramic Crown

Growing children are quite susceptible to injuries while playing or indulging in any physical activities. Many a times, it may result in trauma to the teeth, especially the upper front ones. However, parents tend to ignore them thinking that these are just the milk teeth and are eventually going to fall off. While this may feel like the right thing to do at that time, it can lead to much bigger problems in later ages of the child.

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There is a possibility that the trauma to their milk tooth initiates an infection which may stay even after the tooth falls off and it may ultimately affect the permanent tooth as well. One such patient visited the clinic who had experienced trauma to her upper front milk tooth many years back. Patient had undergone a root canal treatment then. Even after that, the permanent tooth had shifted its position and also turned blackish in color. The patient came to our clinic with excruciating pain and wanted to get a permanent solution for her tooth. On examination, it was observed that the tooth was incompletely formed and it had an open end. Also, there was an infectious cyst beneath the affected tooth. After assessing the case properly, we decided to do a root canal treatment of the tooth and treat the underlying cyst without any additional surgical procedure. First, the RCT was completed using a special root canal filling machine which was used specifically for this case. The cyst healed automatically following the root canal procedure. Yet, we could not leave the space which was enclosed by the cyst empty. We took a small amount of the patient’s blood and used it to extract growth factors which we then placed in the empty space to induce growth of normal tissue within the empty space. All this was done through the tooth which was being root canal treated and no added surgery was performed. In the end, a medicament was used to close the open end of the affected tooth. After the complete treatment, the infectious cyst was completely healed; the tooth regained its original colour and position and went absolutely back to normal.



One of the major concerns of the women, who just had their menopause or are in the age group between 40 to 50 years, is that they face a lot of hormonal changes. We get many such patients who have issues because of these hormonal changes which may affect their teeth. They may either complain of black/brown discoloration of teeth or sudden spacing between teeth which wasn’t present before. Sometimes patients come up with enamel defects which are present since childhood. It is a general observation that most of these patients are from cities which have high fluoride content in the water supply.

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As the patients have been consuming the water since childhood, they frequently have yellow spots on their teeth. In all these cases, a treatment known as Ceramic Laminates can be done. We can think of this as a lamination of teeth similar to laminating a new phone. The defective enamel is removed and remaining portion is laminated with the help of ceramics. Likewise, the shape, color and quality of enamel can be altered so that the tooth may last for another 20 – 30 years. The material used for Ceramic laminates is quite long lasting and hence, you may have to get it done only once in a lifetime. It gives a very aesthetic look to the teeth and enhances the patient’ smile multiple folds. It is also an excellent treatment for teeth whitening in permanent teeth. As a general observation, women are quite conscious about how they look. They tend to put in a lot of effort to make their face look flawless with the help of skincare products and make up. But usually, they ignore their teeth amidst everything else. If you actually look at it, your teeth are the real beauty spot of your face as they can make or break your look by affecting your most beautiful asset, your SMILE! Ceramic laminates is an excellent treatment which can help achieve the smile which will perfectly complement your beautiful face to give them an overall makeover. We have had NRI patients and have done their treatment within 3 days. So within 3 days, you can expect us to enhance your smiles and in turn enhance your overall personalities. From being under confident to show their teeth in public to being a confident person with a beautiful wide smile! One of our patients had told us about her experience after getting her Ceramic laminates treatment done that earlier she used to be embarrassed to look at herself, but now she just couldn’t take her eyes off from her own smile. This is the kind of confidence upliftment that we could create for her with our Ceramic laminates treatment. We will be looking forward to being able to do that for you as well.



Sometimes when patients have multiple missing teeth in their dental arch, it can increase the load on the remaining teeth or tooth prosthesis causing them to fail or get damaged. In these cases, it becomes very important to do a ‘Full Mouth Rehabilitation’ taking in view all the missing teeth as well as the condition of the previously done restorations and the remaining teeth.

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A similar patient visited us with the chief complaint of not being able to bite and chew her food. On careful examination, we observed that she had multiple old metal-based ceramic crowns in her teeth on both sides with chipped off ceramic layer and exposed metal layer. She had a few missing teeth as well. We were able to conclude that she had an unstable bite which made her unable to chew food from both sides causing all the pressure to come over the front teeth. We repeated the cap procedure for all remaining teeth to maintain their height, in turn maintaining the balance of the bite plain. Though dental implants would have been the best replacement for the missing teeth, the patient opted for an inexpensive option at that moment in the form of dentures. It can always be replaced with dental implants in the future if required.



While having lemon water can be beneficial in various aspects for our body, it may not be good for our teeth. Lemon contains citric acid which increases the acidic level within the mouth causing acidity. Even aerated drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc and food items like pickles have the same effect on the mouth. Having too much of any of these food items can damage the surface of our teeth and spur something known as ‘Tooth erosion’.

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It is the chemical dissolution of the tooth enamel, which is the outermost layer of the teeth, due to the acidic content in the mouth. The first and the most known effect of this is tooth sensitivity. We had a patient who had a similar complaint of sensitivity in her teeth. On taking a detailed history, we understood that she had a habit of drinking lemon water every morning for two years. This had eroded the protective enamel layer of her teeth making them more susceptible to sensitivity. The treatment that was done for the patient was ‘Nanofillings’. These are fillings which are made by nanotechnology from German-based 3M company. They have nanoparticles, and are of superior quality with very high strength and shine. These fillings were placed over the lost tooth structure as a replacement for the tooth enamel. It works beautifully over the teeth and maintains its strength and appearance for many years. It is an excellent cure for tooth sensitivity as well, as the filling protects the underlying tooth structures. After the treatment left with absence of sensitivity as well as a beautiful looking set of teeth!



There are many misconceptions surrounding the scaling of teeth. People often come up to us with concerns that getting scaling done will make their teeth loose and it will create gaps between their teeth. We can assure you that there is no truth to this claim. Scaling is simply the removal of plaque, debris, stains and calculus from your teeth which is formed as a result of improper oral care and certain habits like smoking and tobacco consumption.

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The gap that you may feel is because of the elimination of the hard chunks of calculus deposits which had been covering your teeth since so long and the temporary feeling of loose teeth may be because your teeth have already lost its attachment because of the lack of oral health care. All this will get back to normal in a couple of days if you continue taking good care and get a regular scaling done every 6 months. Ignoring your teeth and refraining from getting regular dental cleaning done will only cause more problems to your teeth. We had a patient who suffered from foul odour from mouth and bleeding from gums. On examination, it was noticed that he had hard calculus deposits around all his teeth which caused his gums to get detached from the teeth and move downwards eventually leading to spacing and loosening of teeth. It caused inflammation in the gums causing bleeding and the bad breath was due to the hard calculus and plaque deposits. Once we performed deep cleaning of all his teeth and explained him the oral hygiene measures, his gums gained back their original position within a matter of days. This healed the inflammation of gums, and both the bad breath and the bleeding gums were treated. So we may think that scaling is a simple and not so important treatment, but sometimes, getting your teeth clean is all that is needed to solve all your dental problems.



Tooth stains can be a result of certain eating and drinking habits like coffee, tea, wine, drinks with added colours, starchy foods etc. Even smoking and chewing tobacco can cause tooth stains which are one of their less harmful effects of course. The stains compromise the way your teeth looks when you smile or talk.

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At Ivory, your teeth stains can be easily removed perfectly within one sitting using advanced equipment. We had a patient in our clinic who had a lot of stains on all his teeth, which was a result of his eating and smoking habits. Along with doing a regular scaling, we used a unique technology which is called Air Polisher. Without even actually touching the tooth surface, the air polisher removes all the stains flawlessly with the help of pressure from air, powder and water. We are one of the only clinics in Navi Mumbai to have started using this technology. It acts just like a shower on the tooth which removes all the small stains and makes the tooth highly polished. Because of the polished finish, the further accumulation of stains over the teeth is also reduced. This can be recommended for patients of all age groups and is way better than a simple scaling.


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